How can I sleep comfortably with my bump? 

Midwife Caron Cooch explains the various ways pregnant mothers can get more comfortable at night.

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Transcript of How can I sleep comfortably with my bump?

How can I make sleeping with my bump more comfortable?


Caron: As your bump gets bigger and you get further on in pregnancy it gets more and more difficult to be comfortable at night so it’s a case of trying to find a position that’s most comfortable for you.


Usually the most comfortable position is lying on your side, maybe curled up using pillows to support you between your legs, at your back, maybe one underneath the bump.


There is growing evidence that lying on your left side improves the blood flow to the placenta and that means the baby gets more nutrients in that position – but don’t feel that means that you have to stay in that position all night, and you’ll naturally be getting up at night to go out to the loo so when you come back you’ll usually find yourself going into a different position for a while.


Massage is always useful in helping to make you feel more comfortable and probably the best place will be in the lower part of your spine.  If you have been lying on one side for any length of time and your hip feels uncomfortable your birth partner could try massaging that for you.





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