Transforming Digital Health

We are designing a service that better connects people to the health information and services they need, when they need them. Our tools will help people care for themselves and relieve pressure on frontline services.

Transforming Services & Transactions

User-centred services and prototypes we are testing in public.

Connecting people with the services they need, when they need them.

Getting access to primary care.

Browse the NHS Digital apps library.

Register with a GP


Making it easier for people to register with a GP.

Get help urgently


Helping users access urgent care services via 111 Online.

Allowing patients to manage their secondary care with local personal health records (PHRs).

Enabling people to view and download their GP record through

Helping patients understand and manage long-term conditions like type 2 diabetes.

Transforming Digital Content

Relevant, practical and action-focused content and smart sign-posting to services.

Symptoms and conditions

Improving access to data

Simpler access to NHS data for citizens, staff and people developing digital services.

Open access to information on how NHS services are performing.

Easy access to NHS content through our developer API.

Designing for people

Speak with our users

We’ve spoken to over 800 patients, carers and frontline staff. And continue to do so.

Patients and carers interviewed
Clinicians and frontline staff

Understand their needs

By understanding user needs we can identify problems and find solutions. This is the basis of everything we do.

Learn and improve

Our work starts small and evolves based on users’ feedback. We make things open. We continue to test and iterate. We share, learn and adapt.

hours of lab and pop-up research
data from over13.5m
Beta page visits

Keep track of our progress

We regularly write about our work creating new, user-centred digital services.