Mole self-assessment

Could you have a cancerous mole?

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK but the good news is that if the signs and symptoms are spotted early it's easier to treat.

Use this test to find out whether you may have a mole that needs to be checked.


  1. Do you have a combination of fair skin, blue eyes and fair hair?
    1. yes (Add 2 points)
    2. no
  2. Approximately how many moles do you have?
    1. I have more than 20 (Add 2 points)
    2. I have between 10 and 20 (Add 1 points)
    3. I have just a few moles
    4. I have no moles
  3. Have you ever been severely sunburnt, with blistering and pain afterwards?
    1. Yes (Add 2 points)
    2. No, not severely
    3. No
  4. Has a close family member ever had a cancerous mole?
    1. Yes (Add 1 points)
    2. No
    3. Don't know
  5. Do you have a mole with any of the following characteristics?
    1. Larger than 4mm diameter or has got bigger (Add 8 points)
    2. Changed colour, developed different colours or got darker (Add 8 points)
    3. Changed shape or become irregular around the border (Add 8 points)
    4. Has risen above the skin surface (Add 8 points)
    5. No
  6. Does your mole bleed, itch, scale or ulcer?
    1. Yes, I have two or more of these signs (Add 8 points)
    2. Yes, I have one of these signs (Add 3 points)
    3. No, I don't have any of these signs
  7. Do you have any large, irregular (atypical) moles?
    1. Yes, I haveĀ 6 or more large irregular moles (Add 3 points)
    2. Yes, I have 1 to 5 moles (Add 2 points)
    3. No, I have no large irregular moles
  8. How often do you use sunbeds?
    1. Often, at least once a week (Add 4 points)
    2. Sometimes - once or twice a month (Add 2 points)
    3. Every 2-3 months (Add 2 points)
    4. Rarely, less than once every six months (Add 1 points)
    5. Never, but I have in the past
    6. Never