Asthma self-assessment

Could you have asthma?

One in five families has someone living with asthma.

There are several different signs that you may have asthma and this test will allow you to find out whether or not you are showing these signs.

This tool will provide lots of useful advice and information 

based on your results. 

It does not replace a full 

consultation or diagnosis 

from a GP.


  1. Do you have a long-lasting cough that you have had for more than three weeks?
    1. Yes, I've had it for months (Add 2 points)
    2. Yes, more than 3 weeks (Add 1 points)
    3. I've had a cough for less than 3 weeks
    4. No, I don't have a cough
  2. Do you ever cough at night?
    1. yes (Add 1 points)
    2. no
  3. Do you ever feel out of breath or short of breath?
    1. All the time (Add 1 points)
    2. A couple of times a day (Add 2 points)
    3. A couple of times a week (Add 2 points)
    4. Never
  4. How often do you wheeze, or make an audible sound, when you breathe out?
    1. Several times a day (Add 3 points)
    2. Once or twice a day (Add 2 points)
    3. Less than once a day (Add 1 points)
    4. Never
  5. Do you ever get a feeling of tightness round the chest?

    1. Yes, every day (Add 2 points)
    2. Once or twice a week (Add 1 points)
    3. No, never
  6. Do your symptoms get worse if you are exposed to any of the following 'triggers'. You can select more than one. 
    1. Cold air or changes in temperature (Add 1 points)
    2. Smoke or traffic fumes (Add 1 points)
    3. Food additives (Add 1 points)
    4. Intense emotions (Add 1 points)
    5. Animal hair or cat saliva (Add 1 points)
    6. Pollens and mould spores (Add 1 points)
    7. Perfumes, household cleaners and sprays (Add 1 points)
    8. Exercise (Add 1 points)
    9. No
  7. Do you seem to have chest infections more often than other people?
    1. yes (Add 1 points)
    2. no
  8. Is there a history of any of the following conditions in your immediate family? You can select more than one. 
    1. Asthma (Add 1 points)
    2. Eczema (Add 1 points)
    3. Allergies (Add 1 points)
    4. Hay fever (Add 1 points)
    5. No