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How can I avoid becoming infected or passing on the virus to others?

Medical or dental treatment If you do need medical or dental treatment while you are abroad:
  • Ensure that any medical equipment is sterilised or is taken from a sealed pack;
  • Only have medical treatment if it is absolutely essential – doctors in some countries may give injections when they are not really needed.
  • If you need a blood transfusion, ask for screened blood;

Tattooing, ear or body piercing or acupuncture

Check that all the equipment such as needles and inkpots are sterile and are not being used on more than one person.

Sharing of toothbrushes and razors

Don’t share razors or toothbrushes, as they could have blood on them from someone who has the virus.

Unprotected sex

If you, or your partner, have hepatitis C, there is a small risk that it could be passed on during sex. Condoms will reduce this risk and will also help to protect you against unwanted pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Information and support

If you have any worries or questions, you can talk to your doctor, nurse or call the hepatitis C information line on 0800 181 4016 to speak to an advisor in your language in confidence.
What is Hepatitis c? How could Hepatitis c spread?
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