Here at Smokefree, we have worked with a number of experts to develop our range of support.

Our thanks in particular go to Professor Robert West for providing data and analysis from the Smoking Toolkit Study and supporting our campaign and product development with insight and advice.

Andy McEwen at the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training has been a great sounding board and worked with us to develop our 28 day "Stoptober" programme.

Dr Cari Free allowed us to leverage her work on the Text2Stop trial of smoking cessation support delivered by text message and has provided ongoing support in developing and evaluating the programme.

Professor Linda Bauld provided expert advice which helped us to develop the smoking and pregnancy pack for pregnant women and midwives.

Dr Michael Ussher, for his work on the stress busting MP3 programmes.

And Smokefree South West, for sharing their great content on hand rolled tobacco. For more information, visit