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Welcome to the website for sexual health and communication professionals. This site tells you all about the Sex. Worth Talking About campaign and gives details of campaign resources that can be used locally.

The website is hosted by the Department of Health (DH), the Department for Education (DfE) and the National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP).

The Campaign resources page includes a toolkit to help you make the most of campaign resources locally. 

About the campaign

International and academic evidence suggests that better communication is a key driver of safer sex. Evidence from countries such as the Netherlands, which has a strong record in tackling this issue, highlights the role of creating open and honest discussion and building a culture that frames sexual behaviour amongst young people as a normal part of their development. This suggests broader cultural change could play an important role in tackling teenage pregnancy and poor sexual health in England.

These concepts helped to underpin the Sex. Worth Talking About (SWTA) campaign, which was designed to help young people make more informed choices about contraception and chlamydia testing and to look after their sexual health. The campaign seeks to normalise conversations about safer sexual practices, and to create an open, positive and supportive environment for young people to ask questions, find out more and voice concerns.

For further insights into the rationale behind the campaign, and research showing how it performed, see the reports on the right-hand side.

Contraception. Worth Talking About

This strand of the campaign focuses on raising awareness and trust in the full range of contraception choices – particularly the more effective long-acting methods which many people are unaware of.

Chlamydia. Worth Talking About

This strand highlights the potential infertility that untreated chlamydia cases can cause, that chlamydia is spreading, is symptomless, but is easy and painless to diagnose and treat.