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Partnership materials

Condom materials

This page highlights creative concepts that were developed to help encourage higher levels of condom-carrying amongst sexually active young people. Time and again, research projects report people claiming not to use condoms because they did not have one on them at the time. The condom packaging ideas shown below helped overcome some of the barriers to carrying condoms.

The materials were designed for local awareness campaigns. They were distributed in pubs, nightclubs, youth clubs and other places with a high footfall of  young people, but could be distributed via your own channels too.

Below, we have outlined each type of condom packaging, including a short explanation of how it could be used and some useful feedback from businesses who have distributed them during local campaigns.

On the right-hand side of this page you will also find the artwork for each design, with a short guide on how to produce them and a summary of the tracking research of this activity.


'Get Fresh' mints

'Get Fresh' mints

'Get Fresh' mints are individually wrapped condoms presented in handy 'fit in your pocket' re-usable mint tins. The tins also include real mints. They are ideal for distribution in pubs, bars, doctors' surgeries, GUM and sexual health clinics, community pharmacies and student unions.

City of Bristol College: "Students keep coming up and asking for the mint tins. Our staff really liked them too."

'Sweet Lovin' lollipops

'Sweet Lovin'' lollipops

'Sweet Lovin'' lollipops are individually wrapped condoms that look like candy lollies. They are available in an eye-catching display case, similar to those used for real lollipops- and are ideal for distribution in pubs and bars.

Hanna's Bar, Liverpool: "Some of the students laughed and joked about them and some took it seriously, but overall it was a great success."

'Wear it with Pride' mini replica football shirts

'Wear it with Pride' mini replica football shirts

If your local team supports your campaign, you can develop packaging to capitalise on their fan base. 'Wear it with Pride' mini replica shirts are individually wrapped condoms presented in football-strip-shaped packaging. This creative is ideal for distribution at football clubs and in pubs and bars close to football stadiums. Note that you must liaise with the local football team to secure approval for the branding.

Burnley FC Communications Manager, Darren Bentley: "The Burnley FC branded condoms were a fun and creative way of 'normalising' condom use. While lots of people saw the funny side, supporters also recognised the serious message behind using the condoms."

'No Mistakes' eraser

'No Mistakes' eraser

'No Mistakes' erasers are individually wrapped condoms designed to look like old fashioned / retro school erasers or rubbers. The fun creative can be used in 16+ colleges, universities and youth clubs.

City of Bristol College: "Everybody really liked them. Students and staff keep approaching us and asking for them."

Posters and leaflets

The posters and leaflets on the right-hand side were all developed as part of campaign partnership activity.

The 'Keys, Cash, Condoms' posters were distributed via pub chains, where they were displayed in washrooms, and the contraception leaflets were distributed via hair and beauty salons and fashion outlets.

These materials could also be displayed or distributed via healthcare professionals' own channels.

Partnership marketing

Please see the toolkit on the Campaign resources page if you would like to use any of these materials for partnership marketing activity with third parties.