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Alcohol addiction - support for family and friends - Grimsby Practices In Partnership

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    01472 582700 Option 3

Service details

Grimsby Practices in Partnership Drug & Alcohol Treatment Service – Birkwood, Cromwell Road, Pelham and Woodford Surgeries

If you or someone you know has issues around drug or alcohol misuse we may be able to help you. We offer support for health and social needs and offer easy access to one to one structured treatment.

Who is the Service For?

Individuals that are currently experiencing substance misuse who want to access structured treatment or for those who have a history of substance misuse and want additional support. We are only able to accept referrals for individuals who are registered patients at Birkwood, Cromwell Road, Pelham or Woodford surgeries.

We are also able to offer support to individuals experiencing alcohol misuse registered at the above named surgeries. If you would like some friendly non-judgemental advice, support or structured treatment then please contact the team on the details below.

What can the Service Offer?

• Structured support for individuals and their families.

• Medical prescribing as appropriate.

• Links to other services that match your needs.

• Access to training and education.

• Links to employment opportunities.

• Support with health, social and emotional issues.

• Access to support groups.

• Advice on accessing leisure facilities for you and your family.

• Advice to help improve health, wellbeing and quality of life.

• Support & guidance through the safeguarding of children process.

We promote a positive atmosphere and aim to work in a way that is both friendly and professional that respects privacy under the terms of the services confidentiality agreement.

Catchment area

North East Lincolnshire

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