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  1. Review titled A life changing service

    5 star rating

    by Jake Hutchinson - Posted on 13 April 2019

    As a neuropsychologist I always identified visual stress difficulties in myself. These difficulties have been with me since childhood and have burdened me greatly over the years, impacting on every aspect of my life. As a few examples: having to avoid certain rooms with complex stripes and being unable to read on some days due to letters moving around the page. While I visited numerous professionals as a teenager, nobody was able to identify an appropriate intervention that would improve my daily functioning. However,more recently I was highly recommended to visit Keyes. Upon arranging an appointment, I had a thorough assessment, including colorimetry. Not only were the team full of expert knowledge and advice, but they were able to find a colour that was able to be put into a pair of frames to ease my everyday difficulties. The results have been transformative and while I don’t wear them everyday, I couldn’t possibly be without them on the days that I do need them. They have significantly transformed my life and I thank the team for that. I could not recommend you all enough. My best wishes Jake

    Visited December 2018

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  2. Review titled None Better

    5 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 25 October 2018

    Obviously expertly measured with modern equipment. Then the arranging and advice from the optician and his team was so useful. None Better

    Visited October 2018

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