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The Royal London Hospital For Integrated Medicine


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  1. Review titled Travel Reimbursement Staff could be more Empathetic

    5 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 31 July 2019

    It would be beneficial for staff issuing travel reimbursements to gain more awareness about Fibromyalgia. So that they have a better understanding that most patients with Fibromyalgia suffer from cognitive impairment issues (memories issues). To remind patients to check that reimbursement forms and monies are accurate. As an additional prompter and reminder for patients. I was experiencing cognitive issues which impacted my memory and concentration levels today. I found the approach of one the staff to not be helpful, condescending and defensive when I forgot to review the form.. Although, I appear well externally and can communicate it does not mean that I am a fully functioning person. I believe being empathetic helps especially when you are already feeling vulnerable and impaired. All other staff in the hospital have so far been very helpful, understanding and empathetic.

    Visited July 2019

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  2. Review titled Amazing experiences at the insomnia clinic

    by They Can Probably Guess - Posted on 28 July 2019

    I will start with the only complaint I have which is that I don't get to go the clinic often. Honestly though, I don't hold it against the service at all. My experiences have been so good and I know how rare getting to see an actual sleep specialist under the NHS is that I understand why they're always booked up for six months to a year in advance. Despite the fact that I see Dr Selsick only a few times a year, more seems to be achieved in the appointments with him than a decade of mental health services elsewhere. He was the first doctor to take my issues seriously, to treat me with respect and dignity, never scolding and always listening to my limitations and concerns. I've been so used to being labelled as too complicated or dismissed as uncooperative because my fatigue puts such great limits on my ability to engage in a lot of therapeutic work, but he has always remained curious and considerate and genuinely seems to want to improve my quality of life. Despite my issues not falling within strict diagnostic criteria he has been keen to investigate what might be causing my sleep issues and experiment with different ways of treating it. After years of being told my sleep issues weren't important I cried with relief in the car home after getting my sleep study back that demonstrated just how messed up my sleep really was. I've cried in his office when he's told me, in good humour, the demands of previous clinicians that were impossible to meet. was poor advice and I ought to be doing the opposite for my health. My sleep really has been transformed over the past few years of seeing him and I always leave my appointments feeling invigorated and hopeful and most importantly listened to. I don't think I can express just how much the way I've been treated means to me after so many years of punitive care, just how unbelievable it is that he's never given up on me or gotten frustrated with me.

    Visited July 2019

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  3. Review titled MIRACULOUS

    5 star rating

    by Vivienne Ben-Shir - Posted on 05 July 2019

    I have had the privilege of being a patient at the RLHIM (formerly the RLHH) and cannot praise them enough for their treatment of people, throughout the hospital, patience and understandng of emotional problems. I doon't like to take medicine that hs been tested on animals and homoeopathy suits me perfectly. My constitutional remedy has saved me at times when depression has gripped me. Thank you to all involved. It is criminal that we now have to pay for prescriptions as many people - including those on a pension - find it difficult . Howver, it would never stop me from attending.

    Visited March 2019

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  4. Review titled Receptionist in A&E - 13/03/19 around 1030am

    1 star rating

    by Steph Cartwright - Posted on 18 March 2019

    While trying to discover which ward my son had been admitted to from A&E I was assisted by a very kind and efficient A&E receptionist. Unfortunately, while waiting for her to come back to me, I was witness to the most appalling, rude and hostile behaviour of the other receptionist on duty. This receptionist barked at anyone approaching the A&E reception desk to 'wait behind the red line to be called'. Fair enough, but the 'red line' is an extremely worn sticker on the floor, about 10 feet away, and not very obvious. There are also politer ways of saying this. Maybe a large sign above reception would also reduce the number of times this has to be requested by the receptionist? I saw this lady deal with three separate patients and was dismayed by every interaction. The first patient was questioned, tersely and impolitely, about his condition and told that an ongoing painful stomach condition should be seen by his GP. She was so hostile to the man that he in turn changed from polite and friendly to hostile towards her, threatening to 'go to another hospital'. Her disrespectful attitude was unfortunately the cause of his then angry response. Even if he shouldn't have presented at A&E there are surely better ways of handling/explaining this? The second patient did not have English as a first language. He was extremely polite to the receptionist but didn't understand or catch every word she said, and had to keep asking her to repeat things. This she did, by repeating one word, the same word, several times (with poor diction) and not looking at him once during the exchange. It was so painful to listen to that I almost leaned over to him to explain properly what she meant. I was quite ashamed that a visitor to our country could be treated in this way. A third patient, obviously in pain, crying and clutching her partner's arm, stepped forward to be seen and was predictably told to 'wait behind the red line'. They didn't move and the receptionist proceeded to ignore them, carrying on with her typing. I appreciate that it is imperative to record the previous patient's notes accurately, but a simple "I'm sorry - I'll be with you in just a minute", including eye contact, would have been the least she could have said to these people who were obviously in great distress. I was quite shaken by witnessing this behaviour and wondered whether the receptionist had just become so desensitised to her environment that she couldn't help the way she was or was simply worn out by her job. Either way, this role is surely for someone who has immense patience and empathy, as well as a cool head because of the nature of the work. As mentioned, the receptionist who assisted me was lovely, polite and incredibly helpful.

    Visited March 2019

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  5. Review titled Ambivalent about the hospital

    2 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 30 January 2019

    I've had good and not so good experiences at this Hospital. Initial experiences were very good. But something seems to have changed since my first visit number of years ago, with my more recent experiences having been questionable, not least follow-up appointments. I've had 6 cancellations. I've also kind of wished I didn't have the later appointments I did manage to have. I've lost faith in the hospital.

    Visited January 2019

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  6. Review titled Lack of management, conflicts of interest, free for all

    3 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 02 November 2018

    There have been some worrying things at the hospital recently and instances of conflicts of interest that should not occur within the NHS setting. The incidents suggest a lack of management oversight and proper auditing. One doctor suggested going to her 'private' practice during the NHS consultation. This is so wrong and inappropriate. One practitioner, during an appointment, suggested buying her book. The book isn't in the library because it would be seen as a conflict of interest. So how can asking a patient personally to buy a book be ok. It's not as concerning as above but it is still inappropriate, especially as a refusal to buy can have consequences. These incidents undermine the therapeutic encounter by putting the patient in an awkward position. The Pharmacy 'manager' was condescending and belittling and insisted a book entirely in English was actually Latin just to prevent me from looking at it. Her assumption being I didn't know Latin. I purchased books from the library from a friendly lady. She asked if I wanted a receipt and I said no. Later I thought it odd to have been asked because its usually just given. I thus wondered if my cash would be contributing to the hospital or an individual. It is impossible to find out about the management structure of the hospital. The only names provided are of PALS and an office manager. They field the flack but don't have the oversight or expertise. Lack of professional (or any) management is why the issues above happen and will likely get worse. It is a shame because the hospital has potential. The list of directors is long but they are invisible. It seems they like their fancy titles but not the accompanying responsibilities.

    Visited November 2018

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