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The Plane Trees Group Practice


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  1. Review titled Vasectomy Clinic

    5 star rating

    by Carlito - Posted on 01 March 2019

    I had my vasectomy today and was well looked after by the doctor and 2 nurses in theatre. The procedure was carried out in a dignified and professional manner. Would recommend this practice for this procedure.

    Visited March 2019

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    Review titled The Plane Trees Group Practice

    Replied on 01 March 2019

    Thank you for your positive comments. We are committed to providing an excellent service and its good to hear that you had a positive experience when attending our surgery for your recent procedure. I will pass on your comments to the GP and staff involved. Kind regards Daniella Kerry Services/Operations Manager On Behalf of Plane Trees Group Practice

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  2. Review titled Plane Trees Group Practice Review

    5 star rating

    by John Brining - Posted on 20 November 2018

    The Staff have been excellent. I was well informed about the appointment and offered earlier appointments due to cancellations. Excellent and professional staff on the reception, very polite and a pleasure to deal with. The Dr and Clinitions performing the procedure were very friendly, informative, reassuring and highly professional. I was kept as comfortable as possible through the procedure. I was initially nervous but was reassured and calmed throughout. The whole team are a credit to the Practice.

    Visited November 2018

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    Review titled The Plane Trees Group Practice

    Replied on 20 November 2018

    Many thanks for your positive feedback. Our GPs and staff work hard to ensure that patients receive excellent care from our practice. I am pleased you had such a positive experience. Kind regards Daniella Kerry Services/Operations Manager

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  3. Review titled Excellent Service

    5 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 06 September 2018

    I do not attend this surgery very often, but when I do I cannot fault the service that they provide. The reception staff are always polite and helpful. The GPs and nurses are excellent.

    Visited August 2018

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    Review titled The Plane Trees Group Practice

    Replied on 06 September 2018

    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. I am pleased that you are happy with the service we provide. We welcome feedback from patients and use this is in order to plan and improve the care we provide. Kind regards Daniella Kerry Services/Operations Manager

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  4. Review titled Amazing Services Always Provided.

    5 star rating

    by Megan T - Posted on 08 June 2018

    I moved to Plane Trees Doctors over a year ago and have never felt more happy with a Gp surgery! I felt let down in the past by lack of appointments and used to give up trying! Since moving, I have always been given appointments for me and my children, there has always been a friendly approach also and felt so comfortable with the staff behind reception, especially shioban, always goes above and beyond to help me and my family! We are always seen no matter how big or small a problem and reassured or treated as such ... being a mum of 3 young children I feel I am forever worrying but again, we are always treated or reassured and offered advice. Throughout my pregnancy, I was fully 100% supported and helped during being quite poorly and the staff took their time to ensure follow up appointments when even I myself forgot to. I have never felt happier and would never want to move surgeries again. I can always ring and not ever feel silly for ringing, waiting times have always been great too. We never have had any problems at all. These at Plane Trees give me faith in our NHS services. All the doctors and other staff are also lovely and professional, all round just a brilliant surgery. Would recommend to anyone!!!! Thank you to all at Plane Trees!

    Visited June 2018

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    Review titled The Plane Trees Group Practice

    Replied on 08 June 2018

    Great to hear we are providing an excellent service to you and your family. We pride ourselves on giving our patients as much choice as possible for appointments and understand how difficult it can be to arrange appointments for families.. We offer a range of early and late appointments for GPs, Advanced Practitioners and the nursing team. Hopefully this enables our patients to book at times that suit. We are pleased to hear that you have been given such good clinical care and we will pass on all your lovely comments - especially to Siobhan! Thank you again for taking the time to let us know that you have had such a great experience as a patient. Tracy Dell Practice Manager

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  5. Review titled Booking followup appointments

    3 star rating

    by Darren Jones - Posted on 04 June 2018

    Either there is a massive breakdown in communication between the doctors and nurses with reception or some kind of "booking game" is being played and I feel like the ball. Every time I need a follow up appointment I'm shown that appointments are available and that I need to go to reception and book it now, when I get to reception I tell them exactly what and who I'm told I need to say, they go through the motions of looking for an opening but then tell me I'll have to phone at 8am the next day like Every one else. I call the next morning and either can't get through, no appointment works or it's all booked up and need to call again tomorrow. Convenient isn't it that the pressure is on me, but at this point I've already tried to book at least twice. I'm sick and tired of this, can we please get it straight the first time, maybe stop the doctors from sending us to reception in the first place? I know I can't be the only one!

    Visited May 2018

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    Review titled The Plane Trees Group Practice

    Replied on 04 June 2018

    I am sorry to hear about your problems booking follow up appointments. We are continually reviewing how we work and I will take your points on board and discuss them at our next practice meeting. We aim to offer all patients equal access to appointments and our system releases appointments on a daily basis to pre-book or book on the day. When the clinician directs you to book a follow up appointment after a consultation they indicate the time frame for this. Whilst we try to accommodate patients' needs it can sometimes be difficult to do this. We offer as much flexibility as we possible can as well as providing a service for patients to book online, receive a text reminder with an option to cancel etc. There is increasing pressure on appointments and this is a national issue. We have employed additional clinical staff to meet the extra demand as well as encouraging patients to cancel appointments they do not need. We will review the issues you raise and feedback via Facebook and our website as well as in the waiting room so patients can see what we are doing to improve things. Thanks again for your feedback it is much appreciated. Tracy Dell Practice Manager

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  6. Review titled Rushed Appointment

    1 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 01 June 2018

    I recently had a 10 minute slot with a GP which lasted approximately 7 mins. All the GP was interested in was typing on the computer. I was trying to explain my symptoms and he was glued to the screen. How can he do a diagnosis when he just typing??? More interested in getting the next appointment than me. Still have issue I will have to go back. Care at this practice non existent. I would give no stars but the system won't let me

    Visited May 2018

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    Review titled The Plane Trees Group Practice

    Replied on 01 June 2018

    I am sorry to hear that you feel the service we provided you with did not meet your expectations. Our appointments vary in length depending on the clinical needs of the patient. Whilst you may believe the GP rushed your consultation I can assure you that this is not the case. It is important to keep to time in each appointment that is allocated to patients however some may take longer depending on the nature of the conditions presented. Sometimes the clinician needs to arrange an ambulance or urgent referral for example. Other appointments may take less time but the clinician may have to do follow up clinical work for you when you have left the room before they call the next patient in. The clinician uses the computer to review your medical records. All medical records are now stored electronically along with investigation results, referrals and past medical information. Records have to be typed in to your records and therefore the clinician has to view the screen and type during the consultation to ensure your medical records are updated. If you need an examination or further assessment the clinician will carry this out. Your medical history is available for the clinician to view on screen along with medication, allergies and any other medical information. This enables the clinician to assess and diagnose in line with current guidelines. I hope this explains how consultations run at our surgery. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss this further. I would be able to then consider your personal circumstances which will then allow me to give a more detailed response. Tracy Dell Practice Manager

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