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Laurel Bank Surgery


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  1. Review titled If you have mobility problems beware

    1 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 12 July 2019

    The main reason for me moving practice is that you are restricted in seeing the gp you want due to the stairs to the rooms always a problem getting appointments. Also when visiting nurse I waited 45 min when I went to reception I was told that they had a emergency and I would have to wait. Which I did not mind as the nurse could not help that but why did reception not inform next patient, POOR communication and basic decency towards patients.

    Visited June 2019

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    Review titled Laurel Bank Surgery

    Replied on 12 July 2019

    I am sorry you had a long wait time, but as you kindly agree, sometimes this is necessary. I agree, it would be very helpful for patients if receptionists were able to let them know when a clinician is running late, however this is not always possible as the staff are busy with other work. We will be discussing this comment at our team meeting, however, to raise awareness of this issue. Regarding the stairs, we do have consultation rooms on the ground floor and GPs will always ensure patients with mobility issues are seen downstairs if they are booked into a GP with a first floor consultation room in error. I am afraid there is nothing we can do in terms of altering the building and installing a lift - all options have been looked at over the years, but have been unfeasible.

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  2. Review titled Great help to Patient and police

    5 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 07 February 2019

    I work for North Yorkshire Police and visited a victim of crime in York, who lived in Leeds. She started to tell me about having suicidal thoughts. She was desperate for some professional help and luckily identified this herself. I was not sure of local services available to her and advised that she should visit her GP. She agreed to this but the longer our conversation went on the more concerned I was for the young woman. I asked her if she would like me to visit the GPs at Laurel Bank Surgery with her and she said she would. I introduced myself and asked to speak to someone privately. I spoke to the Surgery manager in her office and explained the situation. She arranged for an emergency appointment there and then with a doctor. I cannot thank her and the other staff I spoke to that day enough, for dealing with the young woman so promptly and compassionately. I have since spoken to the victims mother who was very grateful for the help her daughter received from the professional staff at the Laurel Bank Surgery.

    Visited February 2019

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    Review titled Laurel Bank Surgery

    Replied on 07 February 2019

    We are very happy to have helped in this matter. Please accept our sincere thanks for taking the time to leave such kind feedback.

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