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Bunbury Medical Practice


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  1. Review titled Terrible Dispensing Attitude

    1 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 03 July 2020

    I rang up to see if my prescription was ready and was told not to ring and to turn up 4 days after my prescription was placed. I explained that I live quite a distance from the practice and have turned up previously after 4 days for it not to be ready and was met with the response "well if we answered the phone to check if prescriptions were ready we wouldn't get any dispensing done". What I didn't get chance to say to the dispenser was that I am heavily pregnant and a type 1 diabetic. I have just been made to feel like a huge burden for doing what I though was right to look after my health in the middle of a pandemic. I've never complained previously when this practice have informed me my prescription is ready only for me to turn up and then cant find it or half my items are missing. I have a huge respect for the job you are doing but please don't speak to me with such rudeness and lack of empathy when I was just doing what I thought was right. Maybe you should update your covid pre screen message on the phones to advise that the dispensary is not taking calls to check if prescriptions are ready in order that your rude staff arent inconvenienced by thoughtless individuals like me doing what we think is the right thing.

    Visited March 2020

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  2. Review titled An extremely helpful response from the receptionist

    4 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 15 March 2019

    I have recently had a couple of tests done within the last few weeks and wanted to get the results. I wasn’t really sure how this would happen via appt or letter. Perhaps this is one area for improvement? In any case I contacted reception to ask if I could have the results over the phone rather than struggle to escape from work. The receptionist went through my results told me everything I needed to know which included a doctors review. Whilst I was at it I decided to check when my next cervical smear exam was due and I was told exactly when it would be due and that I would receive a letter. Everything I needed to know delivered informatively professionally and quickly. I think this member of staff is extremely good at her job and generally Bunbury is a great practice with some very good GPs

    Visited March 2019

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  3. Review titled Excellent Practice

    5 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 28 February 2019

    I and my family have been registered with this surgery for almost 20 years. During this time we have always been treated well with kindness and courtesy. Most importantly the level of Medical care from the Doctors is excellent.

    Visited February 2019

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