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Making Smiles Orthodontic Practice


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  1. Review titled Review

    5 star rating

    by Anonymous - Posted on 13 November 2018

    Getting braces is not the most amazing thing that an happen to you, I mean, my expectations weren't that high anyway. I was probably as excited as one can be about getting bits of metal glued to my teeth. I've had braces for roughly just under 3 years, and I'd be happy to say, the treatment I received was excellent, consistently throughout the treatment. The years passed quickly and, upon hindsight, the fact that changing the colour of my braces was often the highlight of my week is starting to make me realize my life isn't nearly as interesting as I thought it to be. We were always kept up to date and well informed on my progress, and the waiting time was always short. The orthodontists that treated me were very friendly and overall, the outcome was great!

    Visited November 2018

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  2. Review titled Highly recommend

    5 star rating

    by Alison Cordiner - Posted on 04 September 2018

    Very satisfied with Making Smiles. Outcome has been excellent and the whole team are friendly and welcoming. Each visit we were informed of progress and possible next steps. Breakages of braces were fixed in a couple of days. Always informed of any costs. Have been going to them since May 2015. Would not hesitate to recommend.

    Visited September 2018

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