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  1. Review titled Helpful and empathetic CBT therapy

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 14 March 2021

    My CBT therapist was brilliant at helping me challenge unhelpful thought patterns. She showed me ways to manage anxiety triggers and was incredibly supportive.

    Visited March 2021

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  2. Review titled Care and attention

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by Belinda Kerry - Posted on 28 April 2021

    I received CBT online for my phobia and I was delighted with my treatment. The therapist was sensitive, thorough and very helpful. He was attentive to my needs and yet always encouraging me to push myself, but was mindful of my mental health at all times. I made improvements under his care within the two months I received my treatment. He also encouraged me to continue under my own steam with my therapy which I will do.

    Visited February 2021

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  3. Review titled Amazing therapist

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 05 March 2021

    I didn’t have high hopes about using this therapy but I was very wrong. My therapist always made me feel comfortable and I felt I could be completely open with her. She helped me push myself in a good way and gave me the correct mental tools to help me with my phobia. I did exposure therapy and she went the extra mile to help me. I will forever be grateful to her as I never thought I would be where I am and I owe it all to my therapist. If anyone else Is thinking of using this for a phobia I highly recommend.

    Visited November 2020

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  4. Review titled Best therapy I have ever had

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by Kalliopi - Posted on 25 February 2021

    My GP recommended that I seek help from this place. This was without a doubt the best therapy I have ever had. The therapist was professional and very well read. He helped me combat my anxiety,social phobia and PTSD symptoms. I feel like I have achieved a lot throughout the time I had and I cannot reccomend them enough.

    Visited October 2020

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  5. Review titled Wonderful therapist

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 25 January 2021

    I have nothing but praise for my CBT therapist. The specialist was: amiable, approachable, attentive, patient, polite, kind, and empathetic. During one particular recollection, they openly felt my pain - challenging my sadly now tainted view of humanity just that tiny bit more. Their impressive knowledge and experience enabled them to immediately conjure and suggest tools for obstacles as I presented them. My own dilemma was that, whilst probably being a CBT "emergency" (due to increasing alcohol reliance and abuse) my urgent need for Counselling and to "unpack" was not far behind. It was a Hobson's Choice. Though whilst not being a Counsellor (as confessed) they were extremely patient in accommodating my often wild divergences, as emotions and recollections bubbled back up to surface. My sincere appreciation to them. Of the system itself, human beings are nuanced and complex. I have in past been disillusioned with the necessity to repeat my trauma over and over to different ears. If the NHS could find a better a way to inculcate this - I don't know perhaps assign a 'patient overseer', who then brings in the various future disciplines to actually be present at the introductory sessions. Then the patient has to do less work. I don’t know…

    Visited September 2020

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  6. Review titled Brilliant Support

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 22 July 2020

    During a tricky time in my life, my doctor suggested that I seek out some extra help. I was able to talk through my problems as well as target specific areas of growth. I feel in a much better place now.

    Visited May 2020

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  7. Review titled Wonderful service

    by Anonymous - Posted on 29 October 2019

    From the first moment to the last my experience was an incredibly positive one. My therapist listened, put me at ease and remembered everything I had told them from session to session down to the smallest details. We discussed issues from the past and helped me to understand and make peace with these, as well as tackling current issues that were affecting my life quite dramatically. We discussed a variety of different strategies to deal with my anxiety issues and reflected on the effectiveness of these from session to session. I was nervous about attending these sessions initially but found it easier and easier to discuss and open up as time went on. IMy mental well being is a lot healthier for having attended these sessions and I feel better equipped to deal with any issues going forward. It allowed me to gain perspective and step away from myself and the past and see things for how they really are. I cannot fault this service and am incredibly grateful for all of the help and support I have received.

    Visited October 2019

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  8. Review titled Great therapy

    by Dean Ayling - Posted on 10 October 2019

    I’ve been speaking with the therapists with regards to anxiety and they have helped me deal and see the signs. I can’t recommend them enough

    Visited September 2019

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  9. Review titled Excessive admin costs

    by Jessica Churchley - Posted on 07 October 2019

    Today l received 2 envelopes in the post dated 27.9.19. Inside each was a letter confirming my appointment on 3.10.19. Both letters were exactly the same, sent on the same date which means they incurred double the amount of admin time and postage. Please ensure this does not happen ever again to me or to any other patient

    Visited September 2019

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    Review titled DHC Talking Therapies

    Replied on 10 October 2019

    Thank you for your feedback and apologies for sending duplicated letters to you. We aim to use SMS reminders where possible in line with our carbon reduction policy.Where we do not have a mobile number or consent to send SMS messages we post reminder letters. If you are happy for us to communicate with you via SMS, please let us know so that we can update your record and ensure this doesn't happen again. We have also shared your feedback with our admin teams to increase vigilance when preparing such letters to avoid duplication.

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  10. Review titled Helpful & Professional

    by Ian - Posted on 26 October 2019

    From my first session I felt that the help that I needed and the understanding of my condition was fully dealt with in a caring and professional manner. After each session I felt more positive in my outlook on dealing with my everyday life and coping with the challenges that were proving difficult for me at the time. Without this service I feel that my condition may have deteriorated into something more serious as medication alone to me was not the answer. CBT for me was the answer to talk with a trained counsellor skilled in the issues which I was experiencing and to help with a recovery plan. This service is a must for anyone with a mental health problem who wants to seek a path to recovery and well being.

    Visited August 2019

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