The Desborough Suite, Maidenhead Town Hall


Maidenhead Town Hall, Maidenhead, SL6 1RF

Map for The Desborough Suite, Maidenhead Town Hall

Who can use this site

This site is for these age groups: 16 and over

When you arrive, the staff will ask you questions to ensure you’re only offered suitable vaccines.

Availability of vaccines

If you’ve already had your 1st dose, you need to have the same vaccine for your 2nd dose.

Availability of vaccine types
Vaccine type Availability
AstraZeneca - Dose 1 Unavailable
Pfizer - Dose 1 Available
Moderna - Dose 1 Unavailable
AstraZeneca - Dose 2 Unavailable
Pfizer - Dose 2 Available
Moderna - Dose 2 Unavailable

Opening times

30 September
Opening hours
8.30am to 12.30pm