Stop smoking for 28 days and you're 5 times more likely to quit for good

All the support you need to quit

Stoptober is over for another year, but we've still got loads of support to help you quit.
So choose the combination that's right for you.

Vapes and e-cigarettes


E-cigarettes are a great way to help combat nicotine cravings and carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes.

Stop smoking medicines

Stop smoking medicines

From nicotine replacement therapies – like patches, gum and inhalers – to prescription tablets, there are loads of options to help with cravings.

Stoptober App

Download the app

Track your progress, see how much you're saving and get daily support wherever you are.

Local stop smoking service

Face-to-face support

Get free expert advice, support and encouragement to go smokefree and help you stay on track to quit for good.

Stoptober Facebook Messenger

Quit together

Join in the conversation on Smokefree social media. Chat to others about how they are giving up and share your own progress and craving-busting tips.

Stoptober email

Get daily email support

Stay focused with quitting advice and tips straight to your inbox throughout your 28-day journey!

3 reasons to quit

Live healthier

Feel healthier

No matter how long you've smoked for, quitting can help improve your health straightaway.

save money

Cash in

You'll have much more cash in your pocket. If you smoke a packet a day, you could save around £250 each month!

Quit for your family

Protect your family

Quitting helps protect your loved ones from harmful secondhand smoke – reducing their risk of developing asthma, meningitis and some cancers.

Still not convinced?

Find out how others quit smoking and what support they found most useful