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Eating mushrooms at breakfast may help you feel fuller

Monday Oct 23 2017

'Starting the day with mushrooms could help you shed pounds from your waistline, new research has found' the Mail Online reports...

Three quarters of honey samples contain pesticide traces

Friday Oct 6 2017

"Honey from across the world is contaminated with potent pesticides known to harm bees," The Guardian reports…

Regularly skipping breakfast linked to hardening of the arteries

Tuesday Oct 3 2017

"Skipping breakfast may be linked to poor heart health." The Guardian reports. Researchers from Spain found that people who regularly skipped breakfast were more likely to have atherosclerosis...

Avoid eating just before your bedtime, study recommends

Monday Sep 11 2017

"It's not what you eat, it's when you eat that matters: study shows timing your meals right is the key to beating obesity," the Mail Online reports...

Could a Mediterranean diet be as good as drugs for acid reflux?

Friday Sep 8 2017

"Why the Mediterranean diet is the best cure for acid reflux: Study found patients who ate plenty of fish and veg had fewer symptoms and avoided side effects of medication," the Mail Online reports...

Results of global fats and carbs study not very relevant for UK

Wednesday Aug 30 2017

"Eating a low-fat diet 'increases your risk of dying young by 25%'," is the stark but somewhat misleading report in The Sun. The study the headline is based on mainly looked at people in lower- and middle-income countries so may not be relevant to the UK…

Reports that frequent drinking prevents diabetes are inaccurate

Friday Jul 28 2017

"Drinking a moderate amount of certain drinks such as wine three to four times a week reduced diabetes risk by about 30%," The Guardian reports. That was the main reported finding of a Danish study looking at the impact of alcohol on diabetes risk…

Benefits of artificial sweeteners unclear

Wednesday Jul 19 2017

"Artificial sweeteners linked to risk of weight gain," the Daily Mirror reports. Researchers looking at data gathered in previous studies reported a link between artificial sweeteners – ironically often associated with diet drinks – and weight gain...

Some types of vegetarian diet can raise heart disease risk

Tuesday Jul 18 2017

"Being vegetarian isn't always healthy: Plant-based diet may raise the risk of heart disease," the Daily Mail reports. A US study found a vegetarian diet based on less healthy food options, such as refined grains, could increase the risk of heart disease…

Does coffee make you live longer?

Wednesday Jul 12 2017

"Drinking three cups of coffee a day could add years to your life, suggest studies," reports the Metro. It follows the results of European and US studies that looked at the relationship between how much coffee people drink and death…

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