Stages of puberty: girls and boys

From starting periods to starting to shave. All you need to know about what happens at puberty.

Why haven't I started my periods?

Find out why your periods haven't started, including when to see your GP and the possible causes and treatments.

Boys and puberty Q&A

Boys' questions about puberty, including growing hair, erections, deeper voice and wet dreams.

Girls and puberty Q&A

Girls' questions about puberty, including growing hair, breasts, periods and mood swings.

Am I gay, lesbian or bisexual?

Information for young people, including dealing with bullying and coming out.


Teen girls 15-18

Read about teen girl health issues, including healthy eating, skin problems and having sex for the first time

Teen boys 15-18

Turning into a couch potato? Want the truth about drugs and safer sex? Find out how you can get yourself sorted

Child health 6-15

Information on child health, including healthy diet, fitness, sex education and exam stress