Preventing cancer

Cervical screening

This video explains what you can expect to happen during cervical screening.

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Fresh fruit and vegetables

Reduce your cancer risk

How a healthy lifestyle can reduce your cancer risk, including diet, being a healthy weight and drinking less alcohol.

NHS cancer screening

Find out about free routine NHS screening for breast, cervical and bowel cancer.

HPV vaccine

Why it's recommended teenage girls have the HPV (cervical cancer) vaccine.

Stop smoking

Help with quitting, including what your GP can do, local services and nicotine replacement therapies.

Lung cancer: are you at risk?

People at risk of lung cancer include smokers, passive smokers and those with radon in their homes.

Drinking and alcohol

Practical tips to help you cut down, how alcohol affects your health, and understanding units.

Breast cancer awareness

Not all breast changes mean you have breast cancer, but it's important to know what symptoms to be aware of.

Know your prostate

Where is the prostate gland and what does it do? Find out whether you're at risk of prostate cancer.

Sunscreen and sun safety

Protect your skin against sun damage (including sunbeds) and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Benefits of exercise

Find out why 150 minutes of physical activity every week can greatly improve your health.

Asbestos and lung cancer

How to protect yourself from exposure to asbestos, which can cause mesothelioma (a form of lung cancer).

Lung cancer in women

How lung cancer affects women, including why female smokers are more at risk than male smokers.

Call your GP today

If you've been coughing for 3 weeks or more, tell your doctor. Call your GP today