What is a caesarean birth like?


Sam: I had my husband Chris with me and I was in the theatre and he got me to go into a room and put all these surgical gowns on and then he just said he came into the theatre and saw me.  He just said he got really scared then but then when they started talking to us and talking us through everything, he was OK.  Ten minutes and then she was out.  It was lovely really and in the end it actually turned out to be a really good experience and they put some music on for us.  It was really relaxed, not like I thought it would be, because I was expecting it to be major surgery, a horrible environment and just something I didn’t really want but it turned out to be OK.


Vicky: Mine was quite good.  I was in a lot of pain after it though, I was in hospital for five days.  My partner was there with me, I was just asking them all, ‘am I all right’?’ It was proper comfy.


Sam: Did you have an epidural?


Vicky: Yeah, that’s the only thing.


Sam: It’s a bit surreal, isn’t it?  With the epidural, you can feel it going down your legs can’t you and then you get the tingling and then I couldn’t feel anything.  Someone said to me beforehand that it feels like someone doing the washing up inside your stomach and I thought ‘that is absolutely horrendous.’


Vicky: It does, I could feel it.


Sam: It’s weird how you’re awake during it as well, though, isn’t it, and then you can...


Vicky: I was a bit gutted that I couldn’t hold the baby.


Sam: Oh could you not hold it?


Vicky: No I couldn’t hold him, no.


Beka: My boyfriend went into the theatre room with me.  He got to hold the baby first.  I wanted to, it was horrible.  My mum could hear me from outside, I was crying, didn’t want to have it done.  When he came out, me and my boyfriend looked at each other and just burst out crying.  It was good.


Sam: My husband Chris got to see the baby coming out because he could see over the frame that they put on and he could see everything. He said ‘oh we’ve got a little girl’ and it was just amazing, it was brilliant.