The British winter is something I'm supposed to get used to but I hate it.

It's days like this where it's not really cold

but the damp seems to get right inside your bones.

English winter is pretty grim.

I grew up in Canada where you have snow, so you can do winter stuff,

whereas this is just grey and cold and dark.

When summer changes into winter we fairly naturally want to hibernate

and hide and wrap ourselves up in the warm,

and that's when we can lose all our good intentions.

It's harder to exercise,

it's harder to take care of ourselves and look after our health.

It's really important that we don't lose the physical activity and the fitness

that we've had throughout the summer.

The benefits for training in the winter

is we're going to improve our immune system, our health,

reduce high blood pressure, the list goes on and on.

So we can't be put off with these dark evenings and cold days

because there's many ways to do it.

Winter can get quite depressing

because it's cold and wet and things like that,

but I do try and still stay as active as possible

and get out and do some exercise.

It's easy to get bored and that's when we neglect ourselves

and we can get stressed and we can get back into the bad habits.

Learn something new.

It could be something physical.

Don't think necessarily about the gym, it could be dance classes

or it could be mountain climbing,

your local indoor sports centre might have a climbing wall.

If you can have a hobby that keeps you active,

that's a great way of staying fit.

I like to play netball so I play two days a week.

I also try and walk everywhere. Summer or winter, it doesn't matter.

It's really important that you enjoy your form of fitness.

There's line dancing, salsa dancing, belly dancing.

There's loads of different forms.

Even if it's a game of badminton, so it's quite social as well.

I still play outdoors but I love netball so it doesn't matter if I'm in or out.

(Lucy) It's important to find ways to keep motivated through the winter

to still stay fit.

There's lots of ways that we can do that.

One is to make the most of their lunch hour while it's still light.

That's good because you can train with colleagues.

Go out for a power walk

or perhaps commit with a friend or a neighbour,

somewhere where you know you will see that person every day.

I've only just started cycling.

I've chosen the worst time of year but it had to start somewhere.

I started walking home from work,

and then I got jealous of cyclists, because I knew I'd get home quicker.

There's so much stuff you could do at home,

without buying any equipment.

You can use tins of beans, bottles of water,

you can do that, you can do bicep exercises,

you can use the stairs.

Even if you put on your favourite piece of music

and dance around for five minutes.

It's all about getting the body moving.

It can seem harder to keep your diet

fresh and challenging and healthy through the winter,

because in the summer we have wonderful salad vegetables and fresh fruit.

So a good way to make sure you're staying in tune with what's fresh

is maybe go to a farmers' market and look at what's actually there.

We tend to crave more carbohydrate foods,

so we want stews and stuff like that to give us our energy

because we're not exercising as much.

Maybe it's old-fashioned but you tend to get your grandmother saying

you must have something hot during the winter.

Dig out those recipe books,

look at making soups and things for yourself.

That can be a new skill for the winter, learn to cook for yourself more.

It's perfectly possible to get through winter

and still have a good, healthy lifestyle.