My name's Catherine Andrews,

My name's Catherine Andrews,
I'm a registered general nurse

and I work as the lead nurse
in preoperative assessment

at Chelsea and Westminster
Foundation Trust.

During your stay as an inpatient,

we may well ask you to not eat and drink
before you come to the hospital

and instructions will be given to you.

It is useful also to bring some things
with you that you might need to use,

therefore we ask you
to bring your medications with you,

we ask you to bring such things
as books to read, money for telephones.

You may bring a mobile
but you should not use it on the ward.

We would ask you to go outside
and use it there.

There are usually telephone facilities
available on the wards.

As far as food is concerned,

we can provide a range of different
diets according to your requirements,

whether that be special diets
or religious restrictions.

There is a choice of menu that's
given to you by the housekeeping staff

and there are also on several wards
protected mealtimes,

which means nothing much will happen
to you while you're meant to be eating.

That's to make sure
you get fed properly while you're here.

As far as visitors are concerned,

we encourage you to have visitors,
we feel that helps you recover faster.

However, we do need to keep the numbers
down as much as possible,

so we would recommend that you have
two or three visitors at a time,

no more than that, and spread them out
through the visiting hours.

During your stay as an inpatient,

the doctors and nurses
will work together

to make sure that we reassure you
when necessary,

give you any extra information you need,
or support,

and that we make your stay with us
as pleasant as it can be.