I've got a fear in my head, yes.

- (man) And yet you play despite that? - Yes. Yes.

I have never, ever been in a live band before.

It just changed my life.

(man) Meet Michael White, the drummer.

Michael, he loves the stardom, you know.

(man) Now, that's Paul Richards.

He's with the Southdown Housing Association and their support worker.

Oh, and the band guitarist.

(Paul) This is totally his thing.

It's been a long time coming but he's just loving it,

cameras, and he's a great drummer as well.

Heavy Load!

? Higher, higher, higher, higher, higher, higher ?

All the gigs are sold out.

(man) Simon Barker is the singer.

(Paul) Simon's found his expressive voice.

He can get up on stage and be really lairy.

He can be downright rude to the crowd but they love it.

He's got this incredible personality and it seems to be his thing.

- Ha! - Is it a budgie?

Yes. Bert. He's got pink cheeks, like you.

- Pink cheeks. - Pink cheeks?

- Yes. - (both laugh)

? We're all going to the USA

? We're all going to the USA

? We're all going to the USA

(man) Jimmy Nichol is living his dream.

(Paul) 12, 13 years ago,

Jimmy said in his review meeting he wanted to be in a band.

He loved going to pubs and seeing bands and he wanted to be in a band,

so his key worker sent out a memo round Southdown Housing,

where the guys all live in different houses in Sussex,

and a week later the band was formed.

(man) Ready to go absolutely crazy?

I enjoy it. I enjoy it, yes.

For the last two and a half years

we've had a film crew following us round,

making a feature-length documentary about us,

which was eventually released last March

at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

We've got our second album coming out,

we're starting to play mainstream music festivals

and we've got offers of gigs all round the place, including New York,

so this year has been an incredible time for Heavy Load.

I'm getting the idea that we have to have a little sing for the premiere.

You're right, it looks lovely, doesn't it?

- It looks very nice. - Good, yes.

(man) But things ain't all that straightforward, you know.

Sometimes I get a seizure in my head

and I fall over like that.

? We're all going to the USA

? We're all going to the USA

(Paul) This is very much...

If support workers are listening to what people want to do,

then they can do all sorts of stuff.

What we've done with Heavy Load, we just started off...

The initial premise was just doing something for a laugh, for a bit of fun.

That's what we've always tried to stick to all the way through.

? We love George Michael

(Paul) But we're just doing what we want to do.

If you can encourage people to go with their strengths

and what they enjoy doing.

Heavy Load!

Listen to what disabled people want to do,

how they want to lead their lives, and support them to do that.