It's really easy to eat well

It's really easy to eat well
on a limited budget.

There are easy ways
to make use of your food,

make meals go further
and save money.

You can use beans and lentils
to actually make dishes go further.

For example, if you threw a handful
of lentils into a stew or casserole,

that can feed more people.

They're cheap, they're easy and
they're also high in protein and fibre.

When it comes to fruit and veg,
fried, canned, frozen and fresh,

all count towards your five a day.

Just remember if you buy canned,
make sure the veg is canned in water

rather than salted water and the fruit
in natural juice, rather than syrup.

Generally, if you go for seasonal
fruit and vegetables,

they're cheaper, and at a local market,
you might get some special offers.

A healthy diet should include
plenty of starchy foods

such as bread, rice and pasta.

Dried staples keep for a long time,

so you can have them in your cupboard
and make up a meal in minutes.

It's often cheaper to cook from scratch
than buy a ready meal at a supermarket.

And if you order a takeaway,

you could boil rice or noodles, saving
money before it's even on your plate.

With poultry, say chicken, it's often
cheaper to buy chicken on the bone

with the skin on
and remove the skin yourself.

Or if you go for meat, go for cheaper
cuts like neck and shoulder.

If you fancy fish, try white fish
like pollock, or even canned fish.

And if you make more food than you meant
to, freeze some for a meal another day.

If you live with other people,
say in a flatshare,

and you each cook your own meals,
you could try cooking one meal together

so you're reducing the cost
of ingredients.

So you can eat well on a budget

and you might find it benefits
your waistline as well as your wallet.