(interpreter) Old Church is a hospital

(interpreter) Old Church is a hospital.

It's a psychiatric hospital,
to be precise,

and it's only for deaf people
who have mental illnesses.

My job here is
as a community mental health nurse,

otherwise known as a CPN.

My job consists of...

One part of it is me visiting
the clients in their homes,

checking that they've taken
their medication,

checking on their social environments,

taking them to the deaf club.

Also engaging with
their local mental health team,

so I can check that they're
well engaged with the patient as well.

I wasn't born deaf. I became deaf
at the age of two through meningitis.

20 years ago deaf people
would have found it difficult

to get into this sort of job,

but there have been changes recently
because there's a better attitude

and there's more deaf awareness,

people are getting involved
in sign-language courses,

so it means that deaf people are able
to get into a professional career.

When I'm working as a nurse
I realised it was really beneficial

because the patients
use sign language and so do I,

so there's no problem in communicating.

Sometimes there will be
a crisis situation here

that I'm able to support people in.

I'm able to deal with the client
or give some support.

From that I always feel pretty good

because I can see the benefits
from my efforts.