(striptease music)

(striptease music)

Burlesque is striptease.

It's very glamorous
over-the-top stage shows.

When I was about two years old
I couldn't really hear anything.

My parents picked up on it first
because I didn't really talk

and didn't make noises
as a toddler should.

I ended up having three operations,

so that was quite a vast improvement

which sadly has deteriorated over time.

I think, if anything, my hearing
has made me a better performer

because I work harder into the routines

and I really try and memorise my music
so I know when beats are coming up.

So I know, if I need to do a big
flourish, that's the point to do it at

because I know exactly
what the track's going to do next.

With burlesque my hearing hasn't been
so much of an issue

as with other jobs I've had,
say shop work or bar work,

where I've got orders wrong

or I've not been able to hear
someone asking me a question

and they think I'm ignoring them.

I think it's been
quite a positive thing in my life

because it has been very good
for my confidence.

I've always had low self-esteem growing
up because I couldn't really hear

and people thought I was a bit odd.

But I think through performing
I've managed to grow as a person

and get to a point in my life
that I wanted to be at.