Hello. I'm Robert Enefer.

I had a slipped disc
four and a half years ago.

Slowly it recovered

and I had a couple of other instances
where it got particularly bad

over the last three and a half
or four years.

And then six months ago
sciatica developed.

It was diagnosed initially by my GP and
then by a specialist at the hospital.

It was an initial pain down my leg
and I didn't know what it was.

I thought... I didn't realise
it was sciatica at that stage.

So I went to the doctor
and he said fairly quickly

that he thought it was sciatica.

I went to my osteopath,
who did a little treatment

but wasn't able to resolve anything.

But was then referred by the GP
to a specialist,

in fact, a sports injury specialist,
interestingly enough,

who carried out a number of procedures

over about a three-month
or four-month period,

which ended up solving the problem.

And it's quite an incredible situation

because it was absolutely intense pain,

pain that would keep me awake at night,

put me in a situation where I couldn't
stand for very long during the day.

And it's sort of a very intense
ache, pain going down my right leg,

the outside of my right leg.

I suppose the worst thing,
the two worst things were,

during the night, I used to wake up
four or five times in the night

with this aching pain

and not being able to get into
any sort of a comfortable position

in order to sleep easily.

And then during the day...

I'm quite an active person,
I used to play a lot of sport,

I run events and conferences
for a living

and therefore need to travel a lot,
spend quite a lot of time on my feet.

It was becoming
increasingly debilitating

to a point where I had to stop
doing certain things

that I wanted and needed to do.

So it had become a big problem.

I have to say, this was in a short time
and I'm fortunate that it was resolved

and I have now at this point
no sciatica at all, touch wood.

So I'm in a very fortunate position.
But I was in a really bad way.

I had a treatment that comprised
a number of things.

First of all,
a programme of manipulation,

moving the spine, the legs,
the lower part of the body,

backed up with an exercise programme
that he taught me to do

during our sessions

and needed to be done every day
and developed and increased.

Then also supported with acupuncture,
which I had never had before.

There was a little trepidation about it.

But it seemed to be,

whether it was that or the whole thing,
I'm not entirely sure,

but that combination of things
certainly solved the problem.

It's a strange thing, though, because
for about four months of the treatment,

very little happened
and it didn't seem to improve.

And then suddenly, in the last month,
in the fifth month,

it improved quite dramatically
and the pain went away completely.

And I think in my case the combination
of treatments as I've described,

with perhaps some acupuncture,
some manipulation, some exercising,

is really what sorted me out

and could well do for you in the future.