My name is Janet Collis,

and I had two knees done within 18 months of each other in 2003.

Before they did surgery, I couldn't stand properly at all.

If I sat in a chair, I couldn't get out of the chair.

I was going into the wheelchair more and more,

because of the pain in the knees.

I could have carried on as I was with the painkillers and just accepted it.

Then I would have just ended up being lifted about,

because they would have gone eventually even more.

My husband or my family

would have had to lift me from chair to bed or whatever.

I didn't want that. I wanted new knees to make my legs stronger.

So I decided to have them done,

and I don't regret having them done at all.

I went into St Richard's Hospital in Chichester,

and the actual surgery was wonderful.

It cleared up, no problems.

The first knee, which was the right one, was very good,

and then the other one was fine as well.

After a few days, the physio would come down,

and we'd have to do these exercises.

You'll find each time you do it, it gets easier,

until the time you leave hospital,

you're getting a nice bend back in the knee.

But as they say, no pain, no gain, and that's true, isn't it?

So this is what I did.

My husband, Peter, he's marvellous.

I wouldn't have any life without him.

Not enough said about carers.

Our lives without them would be terrible.

He puts the washing out. He does everything.

Hoovers, cleans, cooks, the lot.

And but for him, my life would be terrible.

I just need my legs as much as I need my brain,

and I feel, with my new knees, that they're not damaged any more.

And if I want to get up, and I haven't got anything near me,

if I'm in a chair, I know my legs are not going to go now,

because my knees have made my legs stronger.

I would say to anybody who's having a knee done,

that if you persevere with your physio...'ll get full use back in them knees.

Definitely do your physio, do your exercises,

and you won't look back.

You'll go forward all the time. You've got new knees.

Use them. Make use of them.

You've got to move, got to bend them, and you'll be fine.

Since having my knees done, I can now walk beside Peter.

Not for long, but it's enough,

and I have gained that bit of respect back,

that I can walk for a few steps.

We can't hold hands, because I have to walk with my crutches,

but I'm thankful for what we can do.

You've got to be thankful for what you get out of this life.

My two new knees have made a difference, a great difference to my mobility,

to the fact that I can do three or four steps now beside my husband.