My name's Kate, and I had stress urinary incontinence.

I'd say to anybody who's suffering from any sort of leakage,

please go and see your GP.

There are loads of different ways of treating this condition.

It's a really embarrassing condition.

I didn't even tell my husband about it for years,

because I didn't even recognise it as a condition.

I just thought that was something that happened as you got older

and you'd had kids.

It really affects your life.

You think twice about doing exercise.

You think about what you're going to wear.

You get into the situation where you're wearing pads.

You'll take around spare pairs of pants with you.

There are several things that can be done.

There's surgery and also medication.

There's a drug that's fairly new on the market,

it's been out a couple of years, called Duloxetine.

Some people it works for instantly,

and I tried that for a couple of years.

For me, it certainly made the condition much better.

But there are a number of side effects,

and over time, I was getting fed up with the side effects,

and so I decided to go for an operation.

There are two types of operations.

I had the simpler version,

which is called TVT,

which is when a piece of tape is sort of inserted near the bladder.

It's a very simple operation.

You can have it done under local or general anaesthetic, I think.

I had it done under general anaesthetic.

And I think I was out for about an hour.

I was in hospital for a couple of days,

and I had about three to four weeks off work,

and, for me, it's been absolutely brilliant.

Since I've had the operation, I don't have any leakage at all.

It's absolutely fantastic.

I feel much better about myself.

I realise that the whole condition

was making me feel quite depressed without even realising it.

I can go to the gym. I can laugh.

I can just do everything

that I haven't really felt comfortable doing for the last ten years or so.

It's absolutely great.

I really would urge anybody to go and have a word with their doctor,

and just really keep persevering,

and ask to be sent to specialists, if necessary.

Don't give up. Don't suffer in silence.