I'm Daniella. I'm the mum of Ruby who's got eczema.

Eczema is getting more and more common.

I hear from groups of mine

that it's more common in Britain than it is in other parts of the world.

It is in my family, and it is in my husband's family.

I did breastfeed because they said that would help,

but at the end of the day, I think if it's in my family,

it's going to be passed on through to her.

Well, the doctor's advice for adjustments are...

She doesn't sleep with many cuddly toys in her bed, her cot,

because that could carry, sort of, dust, etc.

To frequently clean your house.

Wooden floors are always cleaner, but that's fine with us.

To be careful with sun lotions, so I've got a special sun lotion.

To not put her in the sun too much, but that's for all babies, really.

Also, she goes to nursery, so I have to give them all her creams.

She uses Cetraben, which is a moisturiser to put all over her,

which the nursery can do, if they want.

She does have a steroid cream as well,

so I just have to be careful with how I use that.

The other adjustments that I've noticed,

some particular foods may have, at certain times,

an effect on her skin,

so I'll make sure she doesn't have them

or I'll make sure other people don't give her those.

Apart from that, adjustment-wise,

it's just making sure she's kept away from perfumed products.

So I use non-bio, non-perfumed washing powder.

OK, her daily routine at the moment is two baths a day,

with an oil in the bath, which is Balneum Plus.

Then I smother her in aqueous cream,

and then I put her in the bath with the aqueous cream all over her.

That's where we wash it with a flannel.

Flannels can be used because they can be washed every day,

as opposed to sponges.

It's really hard to stop a baby scratching,

but there are a few tips.

One is to keep the nails short,

so I end up cutting them every night, or even every morning and every night.

Two is just distract them where possible,

and keep them occupied all the time, so they don't scratch.

And three was this last resort,

which at night-time is to keep her in long sleeves,

and also to put a wet wrap on her.

The nurses in the hospital showed me how to do it,

It's like a sports bandage,

where you put the under layer sports bandage,

and I did it in moisturiser.

There's different ways of doing it.

I put it in the moisturiser, then I put that on her arm,

and then I put the dry bandage over her.

I put a little hole for her thumb, so she could suck her thumb.

I hope Ruby will grow out of the eczema because I did and my brother did.

But then on my husband's side of the family,

some of them do still have it in their old age.

So I hope she's on our side of the family, and she grows out!