Hi, I'm Samuel L Jackson here< />to speak to you about One For The Boys.

This is a male cancer< />awareness programme.

It's to let you know that men< />are affected by cancer

as well as all the women< />that we hear about.

Men get east cancer.

The primary cancer that we are< />associated with mostly as men

is prostate cancer.< />Sometimes testicular cancer.

But we also get east cancer, we get< /> ain cancer, we get pancreatic cancer,

we get cancer of the skin from being< />outdoors in the sun because we are men.

But because we are men< />we tend not to go in and be tested

because we think it's not< />the manly thing to do.

Well, I'm here to tell you< />it is the manly thing to do

and it's the responsible thing to do.

We hope that you will join us in< />creating an awareness of male cancer

and how important it is to go in and< />be tested and to get early treatment.

This is Samuel L Jackson< />talking to you about One For The Boys.