150 mins exercise


I try to do quite a lot of things
each week to stay active.

I cycle a lot.

I cycle into work and back which is
about a half hour cycle each way.

I also just generally do
little bike rides every now and again.

I'll go to the shops
or see my friends on my bike

instead of getting public transport.

I cycle to work every morning
and ride home in the evening.

It takes me about 25 minutes.

I find it helps wake me up
in the morning.

It's also a good money saver.

If I don't have to pay for transport,
it feels better.

On the days that I'm cycling,
I feel sort of much zappier.

Not so sluggish.

Like many people, I found it really hard
to have regular exercise

during the week or after work.

What I made sure is I have a gym

conveniently positioned
between work and home

so I can just drop-off
one or two stops before my home,

do my gym exercise
and then go home and relax.

For me, it's about trying
to incorporate things into my routine.

Trying to mix it up
and have variety in my exercise

to make sure I enjoy it.

Swimming is quite good for me
because it's relaxing.

Even though I'm exercising
and sweating,

I don't feel it because I'm in the water
and it's so calm and relaxing.

Once a week at work,
we have these yoga sessions.

It's an hour of your lunch break
which is the perfect time for it.

I run about three times a week.

A couple of evenings a week
and at the weekend.

I go to a running club
on a Tuesday night after work

then do about six miles then.

That's a really nice thing.

It's a highlight of my week.

It's really motivating to know that
there is a whole other load of people

who are going to be running
and they're waiting for me.

We'll go and catch up
on our weeks and stuff.

That's really nice because otherwise,
I might be tempted to be a bit lazy.

I enjoy jogging
because it gives me the time to think.

I can listen to jazz music.

It gets me going.

Running his just a really easy way
to be active.

It's free,
you don't need any special equipment.

Just a pair of trainers.

You don't have to go anywhere specific,

just open the front door
and head off and run wherever you want.

I think it's good
for my mental well-being as well.

Helps me get rid of lots of
the stresses and strains of the day.

It makes me feel better about life.

Apart from cycling to work
and taking the stairs,

I do like to walk,
perhaps to the shops at lunchtime,

and try and minimise
use of my car in general life.

Of course, I always walk to the pub.

On a weekly basis,
I go running three times.

Generally at lunchtime at work

which gives me a chance
to get out in the fresh-air and sunlight

and go running
for about half-an-hour each time.

Then after that, I go to the gym
and do a bit of resistance work there.

And I go to the gym a lot as well.

I like gym classes.

Either dance ones
or aerobics are good

because you don't feel like
you're doing exercise at the time,

it's quite fun.

I dance round the house whenever I can.

Get hot and sweaty to my favourite songs
which is always good fun.

It's about enjoying
the exercise you do

to make sure
you carry on wanting to do it.