My name is Debbie Siddons,
I'm 36, I've got four children,

two boys and two girls.

On the 2nd March 2005,
I unfortunately had a heart attack.

I was at home doing
the children's breakfast,

a normal day.

And walked into the room
with the children's breakfasts

and my heart raced really fast

and I just had pains into my chest
and through my back.

And down my arms and in my lower jaw.

I didn't know what was happening.

I didn't have a clue,
I just had a pain and sat myself down

and thought,
"It will go away in a minute."

But it didn't.

Something told me I did need help.

But I never really dreamt it was going
to be something as serious as that.

Sat myself down thinking
it would go away in a few minutes

but the pains didn't go away and
I thought, "I really need some help."

I phoned my dad
and explained what was happening

and he came down straightaway.

When he got here, he took one look
at me and phoned the ambulance,

explained to them I'd got chest pains

and they were here
in about five minutes.

It took me quite a few months
to get my confidence back up.

And start living my life
as I did before.

When I was in hospital,
I thought I'd never be back to normal.

My daughter was only 18 months old,

"Am I going to be able
to lift her up?"

And do everyday things
that you take for granted.

I thought I'd never be able
to do them again.

Doncaster do
a rehabilitation course that you go on

after six weeks after your heart attack

and you go up there
and do gentle exercises.

They give you talks on healthy eating
and how to get your strength back.

Just generally getting your life
back together after a heart attack.

Everybody was friendly,
the nursing staff were lovely.

I got used to going,
I really enjoyed it.

In fact, I wish I could carry on going
because it is that good.

I'd recommend anybody,
if they've got in their area,

to go and do it because it really does
give you your confidence back.

I feel 100% better now.

Having such a scare,
you look at things differently.

I watch what I'm eating,

try not to eat any fatty foods
than what you're supposed to do.

Watch how you're cooking your food.

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables
and take more exercise.

Now and again,
it will creep into my mind.

Mainly when I'm going for check-ups
and it reminds me about it.

But most of the time,
I've forgotten about it.

It's at the back of my mind now.

Having children,
you can't and feel sorry for yourself,

you've got to get on with it,
that's the best thing to do really.

Live for today type of thing.

Just get on with your life
and don't worry about it.

Just enjoy it.