The Medicines Use Review,

The Medicines Use Review,
or MUR service for short,

is a service provided by pharmacists.

This usually occurs

in a private consultation area
in the pharmacy with a patient

and it gives patients the opportunity

to ask any questions they may have
about the medicines

and for the pharmacist to provide
more information about their medicines

so they can go away better informed.

The MUR service is available

to anybody that's prescribed medicines
by their doctor on a regular basis,

but more often pharmacists will see
patients who are taking more medicines

because in those situations patients
are more likely to encounter problems,

and a big part of the process

is to go through all those medicines
with the patient

to make sure they understand why
they're taking them, what they're for,

and also to give them
lots more information

about side effects and problems
they may encounter

to prevent problems
further down the line.

One particular group
that benefit from MURs

are patients
recently discharged from hospital.

During a stay in hospital
medicines are often changed

and in the worst-case scenario sometimes
patients go back to their old medicines

or even take both sets of medicines,

so it's a real key time for pharmacists
to speak to patients

to make sure that they understand

everything that they need to
about their new medicines

and to make sure everything
goes well from there on.

MURs, when they work well,
they can be particularly helpful to GPs.

So we've found patients
who are not very clear

about how to take their medication
or when to take it.

Once they've had a consultation
with our pharmacist Paul,

he's put them right
and they've reduced side effects.

I think it can also reassure patients

because there are some side effects
which are quite common,

they can often wear off in time,

and I think if they have the confidence
that if it's mild it will pass off,

they will carry on
and perhaps get the full benefit.

For people prescribed medicines
by their GP,

the Medicines Use Review service
is really there to help them

to get the most from their medicines

and it's free of charge
as an NHS service

and it's available from most pharmacies,

so simply pop along
and have a chat to your pharmacist,

who will be able to help.