I used to quite often after work

I used to quite often after work
just pop in the pub,

have a couple of pints
before I went home.

I wasn't a heavy drinker.

Yes, I mean, I drank more
than my parents or my partner.

But I didn't drink as much
as a lot of my friends.

I was relatively aware
of what a unit of alcohol was.

But you tend to push it to the back
of your mind to a certain degree

because most of us do something in life
we know isn't good for us.

I think you tend to lie to yourself
a little bit about what you're doing.

I was getting some pain
underneath my ribs.

I was aware that the liver
would be affected by alcohol

but just getting pains, sitting
at your desk or leaning forward.

I was trying to kid myself

it was trapped wind or hiatus hernia
or something,

without looking at the obvious thing
that it was probably alcohol related

and my liver was starting to swell.

The day that I became ill

to the point that I knew there was
something seriously wrong with me,

it was a Monday evening,
and I went to the toilet

and had diarrhoea that was of a colour
that suggested there was blood in it

and then vomiting copious amounts
of fresh blood

which wasn't a pretty sight, obviously.

At that point, I knew then that
there was something seriously wrong.

Because my blood
was very toxic in effect to my brain,

things became very blurred,
and from that evening,

I don't recall anything until waking up
in intensive care five weeks later.

It was explained to me
that I'd very nearly died.

My parents and partner had been told
that it was likely I was going to die.

So I was very, very lucky.

I had no concept at all
of what liver disease would do to me.

I was aware there was a such a thing
as cirrhosis of the liver.

I didn't know it meant

I'd have all these after effects
that I'm still suffering from.

I'm more prone to cancer of the liver
now because of my illness.

I may well, down the line,
need a liver transplant

which is a massive operation.

It is something I wouldn't wish
anybody to go through.