Stress can be managed;

Stress can be managed;
it's about gaining control.

The thing that causes people
the most stress in life

is all the things that happen to them

where they feel
they have no control over them.

There's a variety of sources out there,
of help out there,

that you can get if you're having
problems and you should go to them.

You can cope with stress by
talking about problems with friends,

you can go to your GP and talk about it,
there are counsellors you can have;

many more counsellors in GP practices
than ever before who you can talk to

if you don't feel you have a friend
you can talk to about that problem.

The worst thing you should do
is think you can solve it yourself

and do nothing, and just sit and worry
and keep it internal.

That's the worst thing you can do.
It will damage your health

and it won't solve the problem.

Exercise is really important because
it puts everything into perspective.

So if you had a really stressful day
at work,

which usually spills over
to the home environment

if you then go directly from work
to home,

it's always best, I think, to go off to
a gym, go swimming, do some exercise

because it does the break,
it puts life into perspective.

"That's one part of my life,
but home is another part

and I won't let that spill over there."

It also makes you think more clearly
about problems you have

because you're chilling out,
you're relaxing by exercising

and it makes you think through
the problems you have

and the solutions to those problems.

Relaxation techniques,
whether it's meditation or yoga

or whatever the relaxation technique,
can be helpful.

It can help you get into the frame
of mind of looking at your lifestyle,

your issues, the stresses in your life.

So it can be very, very useful.

And there's a variety
of these kind of techniques,

from actual formalised
yoga / meditation techniques

or it could be just
a relaxation exercise

which you can do for five or ten minutes

by going to a quiet place at work
or in the home

and you kind of relax
and you think about

something that you find peaceful.

You can think about being on the beach
and hearing the waves splashing

or just lying in a field somewhere,

and just unwinding

and just thinking about things
that make you feel good and peaceful.

So if your problems are a blocked career
at work, a bad relationship at home,

the relaxing and meditating
is not going to solve that problem

but it might get you in the frame of
mind to think about potential solutions.