Autistic spectrum disorder

When I was diagnosed with dyslexia,

my traits of Asperger's Syndrome

was picked up
in the dyslexia assessments.

I forwarded the dyslexia reports
to the GP.

My GP put me forward
to get an autism assessment.

I wanted to be aware of what was wrong
with me throughout my life.

And as time progressed, as months
progressed, I was finally diagnosed.

The signs were always there with autism.

And, you know,
it makes a lot of sense now.

As a child, I was in my own world.

You know, I loved play,
I loved to be on my own.

And it was very difficult
trying to mix with people.

That really caused a lot of anxieties
and caused a lot of meltdowns for me.

So I really had difficulty coping.

School was very, very difficult.

I was trying to meet friends
and build friends,

but they had difficulty
understanding me.

Because I had difficulty
reading social cues.

Body language, social language,
interaction, imagination.

I was always on my own,
obsessed with my hobbies and interests,

and I was isolated a lot growing up.

My anxieties were terrible.

And now my anxieties
are not as bad as they were,

simply through being aware
of the reason of my condition.

I've been lucky to find a counsellor

who knows a lot about the condition.

It's given me a lot of relief
knowing that I will get the help needed.

Once I had my diagnosis
I felt a sigh of relief.

I felt really content and calm.

It's helped me to look to the future.
I'm really happy and excited

for the first time in my life
to be able to move forward.

I was finally aware
of why I became the person I am.

That's just a great feeling.