Well, it does keep you fit, except that

Well, it does keep you fit, except that
every time we go home we're all aching.

I'm fitter now than when I retired
and that was a long time ago.

I'm certainly fitter now.

And you see new people,
meet a lot of friends.

So you can't beat it really.
It's absolutely marvellous.

The Green Gym was set up by BTCV,

which is a UK environmental
volunteering charity.

And, basically, people can come out
and instead of going to a gym,

they can get fit and healthy by
planting trees or managing woodlands

and basically
improving their environment.

Why do I do it?
Well, I just enjoy being outside.

And, you know, meeting different people

and being in the open air
tidying everything up.

The good thing about it
is you do as much as you want.

And one of my main reasons for doing it
is the aerobic exercise.

You get people who spend a lot of money
on a gym subscription

and then they don't go,
so they waste their money.

But with Green Gym you get
the aerobic exercise and it's free.

And you keep coming

not because you've spent money on it
but because you enjoy it basically.

A lot of people don't like gyms,
they don't want to put on Lycra,

this is a way
that they can just come out

in their old comfy clothes
and get more active.

It's also got
a lot of mental health benefits,

so people
coming outside and being in nature

just helps them get a sense
of perspective, helps to relieve stress.

If you're stuck at home on your own,
you can come out and meet people.

And you get an enormous boost
in your confidence.

The social activity's nice,
chatting and working with other people.

Because if you're on benefits and
living alone it can be very isolating.

So actually getting out and meeting
other people is good. (laughs)

- Yeah, and there's a cake.
- (laughs)

- Are you gonna have a cup of tea?
- Yeah, I'd love a cup of tea.

People join because
they want to get fitter and healthier,

but what keeps people coming back
is the fact that they make friends

and there's all the social side of it,

they get a really good group of friends
out of it.

If people want to join a Green Gym,

BTCV have got over 95 Green Gyms
across the UK.

The easiest thing to do
is visit our website

and they can find out
which Green Gym is closest to them.

We'd like to see a Green Gym group
in every community.

So it's got so much more to do
in terms of getting people more active.