From the biopsy, unfortunately,

From the biopsy, unfortunately,
it showed up to be cancer,

and grade 4 cancer at that,
which is the worst.

I remember that moment, they took me
into that little room with Karen.

And the doctor said, "Unfortunately,
you've got grade 4 GBM."

It turned out that it's the worst form
of brain cancer there is.

And it was in the process of spreading.

So it was very bad news.

The doctor said about six months.

(Karen) We were given the chemo
and radiotherapy first

and told to wait to see
what the first scan would come back as.

Before we had the scan results,

they were saying that there were
other treatments available.

Would he be prepared
to go on them?

But fortunately, the first scan
came back and John was clear

so we didn't have to go down that road.

We've only been down
on to obviously the initial radiotherapy

and also the Temozol.

We've been lucky that John
hasn't had to have steroids.

And that's been the only treatment,

other than just
looking after himself as well.

Life in general is restricted.

John would go round the twist
because he was restricted to the house.

(John) The DVLA department completely
ban people from driving for two years

if they have a brain-tumour operation.

It was hard on everybody, really,

for the two years
that he did lose his licence.

But now he's got it back,
it's a lot easier.

It's very mentally draining,
as you can well imagine,

with this gloom over your head,

but you've got to get that gloom
out of your head somehow.

Therefore, you've got to remember the
things you used to do on a daily basis.

As far as work is concerned, I retired
as soon as I knew I'd got a problem,

so of course the income
was taken away there.

Karen has now gone part time
because of my appointments.

She makes sure that she comes
to every scan I go to to look after me,

every appointment that I go to.

As far as advice is concerned,

if you can join any sort of
support group, I'd recommend that.

Follow the instructions of your doctors
and your medical team and Macmillan.

And just play it from there.

I think the biggest support of all to me

has been my wife Karen.

Brilliant in every way.