I've had my ears pierced

I've had my ears pierced.

I had my belly button pierced
when I was younger.

I love body piercing. So I'm
a strong advocate of body piercing.

I had a belly button ring and
took it out because I didn't like it.

Now I'm left with this ugly hole.

So, no, never again!

I think they look good in moderation.

It's personal opinion.
If people want to have them...

I'm not really into body piercing,
it's a bit...

Especially all these flesh tubes
they've got now.

My belly button done twice, my tongue
done, I used to have my nipple done.

I used to have my ears done all
the way around. And my nose done.

And my chin done.
I've took most of them out now.

Once they're older
and they want to take them out,

they'll be left with
a big droopy bit of skin!

So, no, I'm not really
big on body piercings.

I know girls who had belly button
piercings be infected,

or nipples,
or even ears getting infected.

I've heard a few horror stories about
them becoming septic. Not nice at all.

A lady I used to work with
had her nipple pierced.

And it ended up going infected,
and her nipple eventually fell off.

Oh, yeah, my friend had her tongue
done, same time as me,

and she was allergic to titanium,

and it went black,
all the way up the top.

As long as you go to a decent place,
I think they can look really nice.

If they use dirty instruments...

Cross contamination and infection
are always things to be wary of.

Just make sure where you go
looks clean and properly set up.

It was just constantly infected,
and it was quite painful.

I just had to persist with it
for quite some time.

I imagine it had to do
with the way it was done.

I didn't perhaps go
to the best person.

I didn't really know that much
about what I was doing to my body.

My ex-girlfriend
had all her stomach go infected

when she had her
belly button pierced.

It just swelled up and went
green, and she had to take it out.

But I think that was the ring they used,
not the person.

You gotta be careful what
you put in there, as well.

Unless you're really careful

and look after yourself
after you've have it done,

it can have a tendency
to have implications later on.