I used to go for regular eye tests

I used to go for regular eye tests
and you know how women are so proud,

I thought I don't want
to wear spectacles any more

and want laser surgery.

I went for a second opinion

to find out if my eyes were suitable
for laser surgery.

And I was diagnosed
with glaucoma then

and I got such a shock.

They said,
"We'll try laser surgery first,

making a hole in your eye so that the
pressure behind could be released.

Now I have to put drops in my eyes
every night.

It was very simple. People don't realise
how simple it is to save your sight.

And how important
it is to have regular eye tests,

because if I had not gone for regular
eye tests as I had been,

today I might not be sitting here
talking to you and being able to see.

And I have a little granddaughter
I dote on

and I would have not been able
to see her grow up.

here are so many things in your life
you want to experience and see,

and I would have not been able
to do that.

Since my glaucoma
was caught quite early,

I did not experience any tunnel vision,
I could see around me as well.

And I have never been told by the
optician that I have lost some sight,

so I guess I was just lucky.