We first realised

We first realised...

..that Mum would need some kind of care

and that probably it would be
in our house,

about a year and a half ago.

She was hospitalised five times.

It became apparent
that she could no longer go back home.

She, after seven months,
started to get a lot better,

so it was, "Well, that's fine.
We'll carry on,

because we don't know we're going to get
with you like this.

"So we're just going to enjoy
you being well and you being better

and we'll just take it from here."

We did have to do quite a bit
of shuffling about of furniture.

The children agreed that they would
give up their playroom for Granny,

so she's now in a downstairs room.

The youngest child didn't think it was
quite such a reasonable swap,

but if you go into Granny's room,
you'll find his toys in there as well.

So he goes in and plays.

(Claire) Do you want water in that, Mum?

The major benefits are that she's
with her grandchildren all the time

and she's never lonely,
because there's always somebody here.

Which is lovely.

She also eats properly
when she's with us

and I suspect she didn't eat properly
at all when she was at home.

We don't have to charge across
to the northeast at the drop of a hat

and worry about Granny every day.

So the worry is not there any more,

If I want to go out,

then, with my mum being a lot better
at the moment,

she is the adult in the house.

There's huge benefits, financially,
for my mum

because she doesn't have
any more bills to pay.

And that's brilliant financially

but it's also brilliant
from the worry point of view.

She doesn't have that stress any more.

Any advice I would probably give
to somebody weighing up

whether they ought to consider
having a parent living with them,

I would probably say,
talk to other people

who have done it,
who are in that position already,

and find out what are
some of the difficulties at first

and now they've ironed them out.

It's very important that,
in order for your own health,

physically and emotionally,

that you have your own space
in your own house

and that you have time in your own house

where you are not necessarily expected
to be with your parent all the time.

(Claire) Honestly! What are you like?"

It may seem hard at first,
but it is worth it.