I had a spot of bleeding,

I had a spot of bleeding,
I could see it on loo paper,

which made me go to the doctor.

And no one thought it was cancer
so I wasn't even fast-tracked

but eventually I had a colonoscopy,

which is a camera in your insides.

And that showed very clearly
that I had bowel cancer.

I wasn't expecting it but I wasn't
surprised when I got the diagnosis.

I felt I was in extremely good hands
right from the beginning.

I had no severe emotion
on being diagnosed.

I just went into practical mode.

Charles came with me when I was getting
the results of the CT scan

because that is...
could have been rotten news.

Very often people need
psychological and emotional backup.

Make sure that you ask the questions
which will put your mind at ease

because it's not always information
you'll be given.

It's very helpful
to have someone else with you.

So I was in hospital for about ten days.

And then everything went fine.

I saw the oncologist,

who said for my sort of cancer
it was a 20% chance of recurrence.

With chemotherapy
that was reduced by another 40%.

So, in fact, a very low chance
of recurrence.

The chemotherapy for colon cancer
should be quite mild.

You might have a little fall-out of hair
and mouth ulcers

but nothing like the more rigorous

That I could take at home for six months

and normally you'd be able to live
quite happily with that.

It wasn't a question of "Why me?"
Really, in your 60s, "Why not me?"

So it was never a drama.

People think,
"Cancer. I'm going to die."

And it's just...

With this one... I sound like an ad,
don't I? It's not the case.

If you're worried that you've got
cancer, get it checked out

because it's highly unlikely
that it's cancer.

And if it is, and quite clearly,

and everyone knows that the sooner
you get the symptoms checked out

the better.

And even if it does turn out to be
cancer, particularly with this cancer,

it is so treatable.

I am more aware of staying in good nick

and not letting...
Really, it is up to me

what the rest of my life is like.

If you help yourself a lot and keep fit

then the setbacks
you're more likely to get through.

And so I've learned that, that a lot
of it's down to you, down to me.