More of us are travelling abroad

but the basics, like health and safety, are often taken for granted.

Approximately 17 million Britons travel abroad every summer.

A quarter of those will fall ill.

You may need immunisation jabs or, for diseases like malaria,

you may have to start protecting yourself in advance of your departure.

If you're going to tropical countries, you've got to have your injections

because of the illnesses you catch out there.

Take your malaria tablets otherwise it can be bad news.

I would always go for all the injections you're supposed to have.

People don't think about Aids and stuff you could catch.

- Take condoms? - If you're planning to be spontaneous

it's a good idea.

That's always important, whether you're at home or whether you're away.

So, be protected.

On long-haul flights try and stretch throughout the journey a few times.

Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water.

And when you get there, try and adjust to your destination as best as you can,

so eat and drink according to local times.

The most common problems are sunburn, mosquito bites, diarrhoea, accidents

and sexually transmitted infections.

One thing that I would do is use bottled water and not use just tap water.

Sometimes it's better to avoid the tap water, especially in hotels.

You have to really be careful about what you eat over there

and I get a bit nervous about that sometimes.

Be careful what you eat on the street. Know what you're eating.

We have two little children, so all sorts of things can go wrong

from food poisoning to falling down, grazing, all sorts of things.

I have three children, so you're trying to avoid minor stomach upsets

because it spoils the holiday.

I do get very badly bitten.

I try and use a mosquito net if I'm in certain countries.

They're really bad, mosquitoes,

so you have to make sure where you're going to sleep you've got sprays

so you can kill them before.

Avoid sunburn. Use a factor 15-plus sunscreen for an adult

or a factor 30-plus sunscreen if you're a child.

Keep reapplying, especially if you've been swimming.

As you see, I'm receding, so I do use a high factor.

I wear a big hat.

If I look back over the years

I'm now using much higher factor suntan lotion than I used to do

and I do try and keep out of the sun at midday like they tell you to do.

I do put sun cream on.

I must put it on two, three times a day because I play golf out there,

so I always keep myself covered up.

I went to Egypt and I didn't wear the best I could

so I got a little bit sunburned.

It's easy to forget that you need that

when you don't see much sunshine in the UK.

Plenty of suntan cream, drink lots of water.

Bring some loo paper is always a good idea.

Usually take lots of over-the-counter medicines like Calpol

and things for stomach upsets.

Do you have any tips for other travellers?

Take insurance in case you are ill.

So with some simple preparation, you can stay safe and have a great holiday.