I have been set with the challenge of walking 10,000 steps.

I am sitting behind a desk for the majority of the day,

so it is going to involve me doing a little bit of the extra work

before and after work and during my lunchtime.

I'm going to press the reset button.

Oh. It's gone to nought.

Here goes.

I'm actually dressed and ready now for work.

I've had a wash, had a cup of tea, got dressed

and I'm actually quite impressed

because I've already managed to clock up about 335 steps.

So I'm now going to walk to work and we'll see how it goes.

Whoo-hoo! I've made it to the office.

It's only taken me 15 minutes since getting off the bus.

Only joking. I'm not really going to get in a lift.

I'm going to take the stairs.

Before I start the day I'm going to quickly calculate

how many steps it takes to go from my desk

to the places that I'd normally get the chance to go to.

That actually took about 50 steps, roughly,

to get from the bathroom to my desk,

and about 70 steps to get from here to the kitchen,

so it looks like I'll have to drink a lot of tea and go to the bathroom lots.

It's telling me I have walked 3,733 steps

and I haven't even sat down to start the day,

so I'm feeling really positive about this challenge now.

I think I'll be able to do it.

An hour has passed and I am still sat at my desk,

so no steps walked so far.

I've currently clocked... Looks like 5,311 steps.

Considering I did the majority of those this morning, before work started,

I think I'm not doing too well.

What I think I'm going to do is spend a lot more time walking round the office,

and then I think at lunchtime I'll go and find a park somewhere.

I've managed to clock now 6,900 steps,

which is actually a lot more than I thought it would be

from just my short lunch walk.

I've got a meeting to go to in about 20 minutes,

so I'll be sat at this meeting the whole time.

I've got the steps to walk up to get there so that will clock up some more,

but it looks like I'll be getting off a bus stop early on the way home.

I've somehow managed to clock up 9,000 steps,

even though I've been at my desk the majority of the day, so I'm impressed.

If I'd taken a longer lunchtime

I might even have met the 10,000-step mark by now.

So I'm going get going home, going to do some walking, got my trainers on,

and I'm going to try and get another 1,000 steps.

I've managed to make the 10,000 steps and it was a lot easier than I thought.

In fact that's only been a couple of bus stops away

to get up to the final mark.

It's now the end of the day and I'm ready for bed.

I managed to walk just over 13,000 steps today,

which I'm really happy about.

It's a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

Yesterday I was very worried about walking the 10,000 steps,

but it proved to be not so difficult,

so I think as long as I get off the bus one stop early to and from work

and go for a long walk at lunchtime,

I don't see why I couldn't walk the 10,000 steps every day.