The Role of Gadoxetate (Eovist) Enhanced CT in Evaluating Cholangiocarcinoma

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Not recruiting
Primary Sponsor:
University of Alabama at Birmingham
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United States
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About the trial

Drug: CT scan
Key inclusion and exclusion criteria:

  • Inclusion Criteria:

    1. Subjects will be adult (age 19 or older) with suspected cholangiocarcinoma of the

    2. Subject must be able to provide a written informed consent.

    3. Subject will be scheduled for gadoxetate contrast enhanced MRI scan of the liver
    (obtained as part of usual clinical practice).

    Exclusion Criteria:

    1. Standard MRI safety screening criteria will be employed, and subject will be excluded
    if any contraindications to undergo MRI are met.

    2. Subjects with metallic biliary stents or multiple peripancreatic surgical clips on
    abdominal MDCT will be excluded.

    3. Subjects on hemodialysis or with glomerular filtration rate (GFR) less than 30 will be

    4. Subjects will not be excluded on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion.

    5. Subject may not be pregnant or lactating.
  • Age minimum:  19 Years
  • Age maximum:  N/A
  • Gender:  All
Primary outcomes:
Number of Subjects Where Hilar Cholangiocarcinomas Could be Visualized Using Gadoxetate Disodium Enhanced Dual Energy CT
Secondary outcomes:
Target sample size:
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Study design:
  • Name:   John V Thomas, MD
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  • Affiliation:  University of Alabama at Birmingham

Technical details

Scientific title:
The Role of Gadoxetate Enhanced Spectral Dual-Energy CT in Evaluating Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma
Sources of monetary support:
Please refer to primary and secondary sponsors
Secondary sponsors:
Society of Abdominal Radiology
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Date of first enrollment:
August 2012
Last refreshed:
19 October 2017


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