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    Nisa's story

    Nisa Karia, 30, has needed blood transfusions for most of her life, and she's received more than 1,300 units of blood so far.

    Nisa was diagnosed with thalassaemia major when she was just five. This rare blood disorder means that she can't produce normal haemoglobin for her red blood cells, so she relies on donated blood to survive.

    “Growing up needing transfusions was hard, but it was just part of life. I always tell myself there are plenty of people out there who are worse off,” she says.

    Although Nisa needs blood transfusions every three weeks, her blood disorder hasn't stopped her realising her dream of working in London's fashion industry, after graduating from Leeds University.

    “Thanks to the wonderful people who give blood, I lead a full and active life. I'm also looking forward to getting married next year.”

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