How do I understand my medical test results?

Your GP, or the healthcare professional who arranged the test, will help you to understand the results. They can understand the results because they have all the necessary information, including your personal medical history.

Your personal medical history

Your test results will only make sense when taking into account your personal medical history, and only your GP or consultant has access to this information.

Only your GP or consultant will know why you needed the test and what other tests you've had. It may be that all of your test results need to be assessed together.

Medical abbreviations

If you're having a medical test, or you've received some test results, you may come across abbreviations such as MRI scan or LBC (liquid-based cytology). For information about what medical abbreviations stand for, see What does this medical abbreviation mean? 

If you have any questions about your test results, you should ask your GP or the healthcare professional who arranged the test.

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